Skin Tag Removal | How To Remove Skin Tags

Skin Tag RemovalAre you looking for a reliable way to handle skin tag removal? For a fast an effective way to remove skin tags you need to try Revitol Skin Tag Remover.

A skin tag, also known as an accordion is a small benign tumor that forms in areas of the body where the skin forms creases such as armpits, under breast, groin area, eyelids and neck. They are harmless and painless, and typically do not grow or change over time, but are often considered unsightly. Both male and females are equally susceptible to developing skin tags. Obesity is usually associated with skin tag development since those that are overweight tend to have a lot of folds and creases.

The surface of tags may be smooth or irregular in appearance and they are often raised from the surface of the skin on fleshy stalks (peduncles). They are usually flesh-colored and slightly brownish. Some skin tags can be as small as a flattened pinhead-sized bump, while others can be as large as a fig or a big grape.

Skin tags are more common in:

  • Overweight and obese individuals, because they have more skin folds and creases, along with people who have diabetes.
  • Pregnant women – most likely because of the hormones secreted.
  • Illegal steroid use – they interfere with the muscles and body, causing the collagen fibers in the skin to bond, allowing skin tags to form.
  • Individuals with the human papilloma virus.
  • Individuals with close family members who have skin tags.

Skin Tag Removal | Remove skin tags naturally

Remove Skin TagsPeople often wish to remove skin tags naturally as opposed to leaving them and sometimes they resort to more intrusive surgical techniques. Any abrupt change in color or size of skin tags should be evaluated by a dermatologist or doctor. If the tags are unsightly or overly large, an individual may ask their doctor or dermatologist to have them removed. The following are natural ways of skin tag removal:

1. Tying – Skin Tag Removal

A string is tied around the bottom of the skin tag to restrict blood flow. Keep in mind that this method may cause slight pain as you are restricting blood flow to the tag. It is very important that the string be tied as tight as possible. In the event that the string is not tight enough the re-occurrence of tags in the same spot may occur. After a few days, it will turn black or dark and fall off.

2. Mild Acids – Remove Skin Tags

Mild acids such as apple cider vinegar should be applied daily to the affected area. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and cover the tag with it. Allow it to stay for three or four hours, then rinse it with warm tap water. If the skin tag is small enough, one application of apple cider vinegar will be enough to cause the tag to fall off completely, while more persistent skin tags can require a week or more of at home treatment.

3. Apply baking soda and castor oil.

Skin Tag RemovalMixing these two ingredients together until it is soft, sticky and viscous paste produces another home remedy for tag removal. You should apply the paste to the tags three times daily. In about two weeks, it would cause the tags to dry up and fall off.

4. The Garlic Remedy

Cut a slice of garlic and press it over the skin tag area and secure it to the skin with gauze or tape. Put the garlic in place when you wake up every morning, and remove it before retiring to bed, then rinse off the area with water. Repeat this process for three days, note that your skin may begin to burn. The skin tag should simply fall off. If a part of the tag remains, try the garlic again in a few days.

5. Cutting off Skin Tags

One can remove skin tags by cutting them off. Wash the skin tag thoroughly, and then gently pull it away from the skin surface with a pair of tweezers. Using a pair of sterile scissors, cut the tag at the base and then apply pressure with a cotton towel or ball to control the bleeding. Note that this may cause some pain and uneasiness or discomfort.

How Revitol skin tag removal works

Remove Skin TagsRevitol skin tag remover has the capability of getting skin clear of tags by offering a homeopathic and painless solution. Revitol uses natural ingredients that causes it to be very effective, these include tea tree oil, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. This is a perfect combination that helps to remove skin tags in less than three weeks. For better results and permanent solution, dermatologists recommend using this product for up to 8 weeks.

Does Revitol have any adverse effects?

Revitol skin tag remover has no adverse side effects. It has been proven through various clinical test to be effective for both males and females. Revitol skin tag remover is far much healthier and safer than surgeries since it provides 100% natural results. In addition, it helps in developing softer and healthier skin.

Why you should use Revitol skin tag remover

Remove Skin TagsSurgery can be painful, cause uneasiness and leave undesirable marks, but using Revitol is an easy way to remove skin tags. Revitol skin tag remover was designed to ensure you get desired results and avoid a painful and stressing experience when treating your skin tags.

Benefits of Revitol Skin Tag Remover

Unlike other skin tag removal products, Revitol is a derived from 100% natural plant extract, so it is safe to use as it does not cause chemical skin irritations. There are no side effects and it is a rather painless process and it can be used on any skin type without fear of scarring. Due to the plant extracts that are used that are well known to have medicinal benefits, the skin tags are not only removed easily, but the surrounding skin is also disinfected at the same time, leaving clear and smooth skin as an end result.

The Revitol Skin Tag Remover is an all-natural homeopathic skin tag removal system that has guaranteed results:

  • Easy and painless to apply
  • No pain
  • No scarring
  • Works on all skin types
  • Effective for all skin types
  • All natural with no chemicals

If you would like to remove your skin tags easily and effectively, then Revitol Skin Tag Remover is the best solution for you.

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